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10 Best Voice Changer Apps For Android To Play Pranks

Change your voice for fun with friends. We can do this through Voice Changer apps. Which will make our work easier.

Voice Changer apps

We call friends by changing our voice just to have fun with friends. But we have to work very hard to do this. Sometimes, if you can not change your voice properly then it is possible to get caught by friends. So to change your voice correctly, you need strict perseverance. But if you want to change your voice without harsh perseverance! Then this post is for you.

Voice Changer Apps

There are some apps in the Google Store that can easily change your voice and surprise your friends by phone. To change your voice, you have little knowledge about Android phones. Below is a link to some apps that can easily change your voice.

1. Best Voice Changer

Best Voice Changer is a voice conversion app that lets you change your voice very easily and you can call your friends. Not only the voice changes, you can translate your voice. And the recorded voice can be easily downloaded. This app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. However, the download link for the app is provided below for your convenience.

Download Link: Best Voice Changer

2. Voice Changer

If you love to have fun with friends, then get ready for a new good news. Yes, the app that I will say about the app, the app will meet all your needs. You can make your voice feel like that. This app is different from all apps. You can easily download this app from Play Store. But for your convenience, the download link is provided below.

Download Link: Voice Changer

3. Voice Changer Androbaby

This app has its working nature in the name. Through this app, you can make your voice sound like children’s voices. You can record the voice with this app and share it with social sites. the download link is provided below.

Download Link: Voice Changer Androbaby

4. Voice Changer with Effects

This app is very popular at the current time. The download amount is about 200,000 You can give different effects to your recorded voice through this app. Apps download link below.

Download Link: Voice Changer with Effects

5. Voice Changer Plus

This app is similar to another app. You can give your desired voice effect if you want. download link below.

Download Link: Voice Changer Plus

More Voice Changer apps

6. SnapChat

Download Link: SnapChat

7. Celebrity Voice Changer

Download Link: Celebrity Voice Changer

8. Fun Call

Download Link: Fun Call

9. Girls Voice Changer

Download Link: Girls Voice Changer

10. RoboVox Voice Changer

Download Link: RoboVox Voice Changer


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