How To Root Android Mobile Without PC/Laptop

Root Android Mobile: After buying an Android smartphone, what next? To get the most out of your device, you have to root it. After rooting your device, you can do a lot of things, which you can not do in an unrooted Android device. This is a simple guide for root Android without PC. Rooting Android device is now very easy with the help of these simple apps. Now you can route your Android device without any risk at the bottom of the app. These apps can work on most Android smartphones and can help you root your device right away.

Most of the time, we are afraid of retaking our mobile, we feel that our warranty may be zero and friends have many mobile roots in my life, there are always successful ways available. For example, a click root application that just works a lot. So what are those apps? I will explain to you how to root the android phone with a computer in an easy way. Can Root MTK Devices and Roots Be Used Without Computer? Top Apps for Root Android Phone Users After rooting your phone, your phone will grow and you can unlock it for various experiments and more.

Root Android Mobile

Below, I’ve shared a step-by-step guide to all devices so that you can route it. All apps have different ways to route it. So if you are looking for an easy way to root your Android phone without using any pc, just look at all the apps one by one, and this can easily route you to your Android device in a few clicks will help.

1. Z4Root – Root Without Pc

This is another rooting app that is used for rooting. Mobile which runs on spectrum chipset The best part about this app is that it has a good UI and it can route almost all the mobile and the best. The easy way to route and because it does not root most of the mobile, it is listed on number 3. If you are using any of China Mobile running on spectrum chipset, this app will work for you. Z4root is one of the biggest apps, people who use to root their phones. Generally, this app does not work, but in some cases, this app also works. This app comes with 2 root methods.

The first is a temporary root method and the other is a permanent rooting method. If you route your phone temporarily, after restarting your phone, all the routing process will end. If you routinely route, your phone will always be root, unless you flash the stock ROM.

How to Root Android Mobile with Z4root

  1. First of all, install and open the Z4root app from your phone.
  2. Now, you will see 2 options, a temporary root or a permanent root
  3. Select the root option permanently, and wait 1 minute, it will show you a successful message.
  4. Restart your phone and you are done.
  5. Download Z4root

How to Root Android with Z4root

2. CF Auto Root – Root Without Pc

Apps for various mobile devices are different when failing while rooting. Samsung Mobile which is easy and very great and only requires us computer or Lappy while rooting and it lifts the Chenfire 4Th position. This app is specially designed for Samsung mobile phones. You can find the download link of this app from below and if you are listed on your mobile phone list, you can find it, then you can easily route your mobile phone with this app at no risk. See also this app to route your Android smartphone. We have shared a method on how to add the Recycle Bin to Android. Download the app from the bottom and start the routing process, also in your feedback comments.

CF Auto Root – Root Without Pc

Download CF auto root

3. Kingroot – Root Without Pc

So this app is similar to Vrot as some minor updates. In this application, most mobile media are getting root, running on MediaTek (MTK). This app is just awesome and easy to securely route your device. Kingroot app will work perfectly with MTK phones, running on Android 4.4, this app has been tested in many Android phones running with MTC chipset, and Kingroot app works fine for me. This app usually works with almost all phones, which are running on KitKat smartphones. Even earlier, we shared a method for uniting root 2 without PC with King Route App. So if you are using MTC chipset phones, then this is also a good app to route your smartphone.

How to root Android Mobile with Kingroot

  1. Open Kingrot App from Your Phone
  2. Now, on the main page, you will see the option to route your phone, click on it.
  3. Wait a few seconds now, it will install the new root management app on your phone and you are ready to rock your root phone.

How to root Android mobile with Kingroot

Download Kingroot

4. IROOT App – Root Without Pc

Iroot is another Android app that you can use without root for root Android. It’s a great Android app that you can use to route your smartphone if you do not have a PC in your phone. This app supports many Android phone models, such as Techno, Samsung, Geonei, Intel, Infinix, Sony, Mercury, Lava phone and more. You can easily route your Android phone with this Iroot app. This is another great app, which is very popular these days, which can be used to route your Android phone without any PC / Computer. This app is based on Root Android with one click, which will route your phone with just one click. You can also erase your phone in one click with this app. Now download this app from below, and route your phone. Also, see IDM Optimizer for optimized download speeds in IDM.


Iroot Download Here

5.Framaroot – Root Without Pc

These are the apps I like most whenever we install the app, we will get 3 menu buttons and we can press any 3 menus, you can click and click on just one menu button. Your mobile is nonmoving for a few seconds. If your mobile cannot be nonmoving, it’ll tell you your time and friends.   It was one of Top Root Android without PC methods. This is the safest app I love most and I try to install this app, even if you try to install it. If you are going to route your phone through this method, do not forget to check that framaroot supported device too.

How to root Android Mobile with Framaroot

  1. First of all, open framerate app in your phone
  2. Now, select Exploit from the list, which supports your phone. If you do not have any ideas then choose one by one
  3. Click on the root button and boom! This will show you a successful message.

How to root Android Mobile with Framaroot

Download Framaroot


If you are thinking about rooting your phone, and are somewhat confused if you should route your phone or not, then you can check the reasons why you should root your phone. If you feel that it is very important to root your phone; So you can proceed in these steps. Otherwise, do not try to follow these steps for fun. Because it can brook your Android device badly. So try this guide according to your needs. So now, you can enjoy this root Android without PCs like a root to root, backup, unutilized etc.

Root Android Mobile.Root Android Mobile.Root Android Mobile.

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