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GPS kid tracker-Kids Smart Watch with GPS Tracker

GPS kid tracker – Kids Smart Watch with GPS Tracker lets you track your missing child’s trucks easily and find out how to measure time.

There are many parents that they want their children to always keep the news, but the lack of time can not find the news. However, they can try this gadget. Through this gadget, you can easily see where your child is located. Kidnappers can sometimes kidnap your child and threaten to get ransom! In these cases your child can easily get through this gadget. Or if your child is in any kind of trouble then you can easily tell you through voice mail or SMS. These gadgets can be used as your child’s watch or mobile.

GPS kid tracker

For example, your child is studying in some of the schools in Dhaka’s Mirpur. Now you set your child’s place in Dhaka Mirpur. Now if he goes out of Dhaka’s Mirpur, the message will go away to you.

GPS kid tracker

Feature of GPS kid tracker-Kids Smart Watch with GPS Tracker:

  • SOS: To Call Emergency If you press the button on the clock, the call will come to the mobile phone within 10 seconds.
  • Map: Know your child’s exact location. And you can know how much percussion charges are in the clock.
  • Monitoring: Auto call from clock will be available and then monitor it.
  • Chat: You can send voice or text messages to your child, which you can hear by clicking on the SOS button.
  • Do Not Disturb: After the watch is over, you can set the time for the class or the time of the call that you do not have the call, from any place through the mobile app.
  • CEOFENCE: You can set specific areas. If you leave that area, you will get it immediately.
  • Phonebook: You can save the number with the name of the clock and call it.
  • Remote Shutdown: You can turn off the clock via mobile app.

What’s more:

  • SMS Alerts, Low charge alerts, Alarm, Message, setting, Work Mode, Health, Footprint, Language and Time Zone etc.

Different types of GPS kid tracker are available in the market so you can purchase your choice. If you want, you can purchase these gadgets through the link below.

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