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how to increase ram of android phone using memory card

Increase ram of android phone – We now use Android for many people. One Android works as a computer. Gameplay and office tasks can be done very easily with Android.

Android phones are expensive, so poor people buy low-priced China-made Android phones. We can not do many of our necessary and deliberate tasks because of which RAM is very low. We want to play beautiful games, but we can not afford the necessary RAM. In multi-task, we would like to do a lot of work at the same time, but due to the lack of RAM it is not possible. We can not run strong applications for the same reason. So we do not do the work? Of course. We can do this by increasing RAM. RAM is increased in many ways. The simplest way is to use RAHSoft RAM EXPANDER to increase RAM. Today, your application will describe the process of raising to increase ram of android phone using memory card

increase ram of android phone

The following is the need to increase RAM by using this application-

Hardware demand-

1. An Android phone

Explanation: There is nothing to interpret here. Any price will be an Android phone.

2. A memory card

Explanation: It does not have any kind of memory card. Every memory card has a different speed. We require a minimum of 6mb / s (Class 6) speed high-quality memory card. However, if the version of Roehsoft RAM EXPANDER is different, then it may take 8mb / s (Class 8). The minimum speed is 8mb / s (Class 8).

There are some reasons to talk about a good quality memory card. Nowadays, high-speed memory cards are available at low prices in our country. These low-quality memory cards are being marketed by the name of the pristine brand and with lucrative warranty, and we are buying these memory cards due to lack of money or others. For example, let me say, I bought a Samsung memory card at 10mb / s (Class 10) Writing Speed of 16 GB from a mobile market in Uttara, Dhaka at just 6&! Where the original 16 GB 10mb / s (Class 10) Speed Memory Card is 12-15$ !! The two-year warranty was issued.

But when I opened the packet, I noticed the warranty card inside the packet, writing ‘Kalam Telecom’! Now the question is why is the name of Kalam Telecom on Samsung’s memory card warranty card? However, later I had to bear the consequences of buying this fake memory card. From my experience, I say that everything that has been used to store the RAM of their Android phones using fake or poor quality memory cards, all of the memory stored in the memory store has been deleted. Not once, repeatedly! Not just that. The speed of this type of memory is reduced greatly. So if you want to be sure, then you have to use a real and standard memory card. It should not be used in low-cost memory card even if it takes more money. But I do not mind if you want to take risks knowing everything.

Special note: If you want, you can increase the RAM of the phone using your phone’s internal memory instead of the memory card. But most of the speeds are low in Android’s internal memory. Internal memory should not be used to increase RAM even though some phones have more internal speed than the internal memory. Because if you lose any time due to internal memory ram usage, then your entire phone will be crippled. If lost, replace the new internal memory on the phone, which is expensive, it is not possible at all. But you can take a risk if you want.

Special demand-

1. Root permissions

Explanation: To use Busybox / Busybox Pro and Roehsoft RAM EXPANDER, your phone must be rooted. After entering the Busybox / Busybox Pro and installing Touch and using the Roehsoft ram EXPANDER, you will want the root permissions when you increase the RAM. You must authorize root permissions. Otherwise, the RAM can not raise.

Software demand-

1. Roehsoft RAM EXPANDER


Explanation: This application reduces the pressure on your phone’s real RAM by making a virtual RAM memory card on your phone. Play Store You can get this application but for the dollar. If you search Google then you will get this application free. But since you did not buy this application, it would be difficult to run. There are many versions of Roehsoft RAM EXPANDER. Not all phones run properly on all phones. I could not run the Roehsoft ram EXPANDER in the latest or any other version of my phone without much effort. After a lot of searching, the 3.19 version was successfully run.

But this version may not work on other phones. Maybe there will be another version Roehsoft RAM EXPANDER on your phone. If the play store and play service are not enabled on the phone and the ad is not added to your own Gmail account in the Play store, then the application can not run. To run properly, all versions should be tested on the phone.

2. Busybox / Busybox Pro

Explanation: It’s the first to be installed on the phone. Just do not install, after installing, you can enter Busybox inside the Smart Install tick (tick it if you want to). After installing Touch Permission or Super User Permission (if desired) will have to wait for a while. The phone must be rebooted when the install is complete. It will be installed once on the phone. However, flashing the official firmware on the phone or flashing the custom ROM, the above tasks will be restored.

After completing the above steps-

  • Install Roehsoft RAM EXPANDER and start over. Select English and touch the button below. If you want a superuser or root permit, please grant it.
  • Now click on the ‘Swap File’ option. Before creating Swap File, go to Settings ‘SD CARD Director’ and you can decide where to create Swap File if Roehsoft RAM EXPANDER will automatically create a directory. If you want to use internal memory instead of a memory card, instead of a memory card, you can use internal memory to increase RAM.
  • Touch ‘Optimal Value’. As a result, the memory space on your phone will automatically fix the amount of RAM to use.
  • If you tick the ‘Swap active’ text, the swap file will start to be created (do not do any other work at this time). When you create a swap file, your RAM will increase and your Android will use that swap file as an additional RAM.
  • When the work is done, the speed of the SD card will be shown. Now exit the app and exit. Now tick both the ‘Notify Icon’ and ‘Autorun’ options. The bottom of the app will show the position of the RAM in the form of the graph. How much is your original amount of RAM, Swap RAM, how much and how much is empty, you can see here. Finally you can see how much or how much the total RAM is.


  1. Do not remove the memory card in any way when roehsoft ram EXPANDER application is on the phone. The memory card can be damaged.
  2. Do not delete the swap file that will be created on the memory card.
  3. Swap RAM will be disconnected by connecting to a computer or another device with phone set data cable, so after disconnecting the set from the PC every time you enter the app, swap activation will be activated by typing the swap activation.


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