how to increase download speed upto 100mbps

how to increase download speed upto 100mbps

how to increase download speed upto 100mbps

how to increase download speed up to 100mbps

Increase download speed: So, guys, we have a tendency to Dreamy Tricks is back once more with another trick on a way to increase transfer speed simply. As most of the fellows like to transfer the latest mp3 songs, videos, movies for entrainment or some guys like to transfer animes from torrents and alternative transfer web site. So, transfer speed matters plenty particularly after you download any massive file. So, we have a tendency to Dreamy Tricks is sharing some tricks and tips to extend transfer speed. It is a truth that web transferring speed depends upon ISP however still there square measure some tweaks which may facilitate in increasing download speed at no cost while not shopping for any premium service or any premium account.

Most men use totally different quite net connections like Broadband, Dial-up association or electronic device association. So. if area unit|you’re} having a high-speed net association arrange and you’re thinking that you just are getting slow speed for what you’re paying for, then make preparations to induce for what you pay. Here, we have a tendency to square measure sharing some general tips to extend transfer speed that is taken by windows for updates and a few alternative tweaks still which might provide a slight boost in net association speed. you’ll additionally like a way to fix this copy of windows isn’t real.

The reason behind slow download speed:

There are often several reasons behind your slow downloading speed. perhaps it’s thanks to some updates, or any malware or the other register edit that is ingestion up your net affiliation speed. So, we have a tendency to can’t say fully that what’s the explanation behind slow net affiliation speed, however, you’ll attempt these tweaks to extend downloading speed.

Some things to do before increasing download speed:

First of all, you have got to require some action before applying any tweak to extend your downloading speed. The items that you ought to follow before increasing your downloading speed.

  1. Note down your downloading speed of IDM, Chrome, and uTorrent (or the other consumer that you usually use to transfer your files).
  2. Take an online speed check furthermore in order that you’ll be able to simply compare new web speed with recent web speed.

How to increase your download speed:

So below we have a tendency to ar sharing operating tips and tricks to extend downloading speed simply. Simply follow every and each trick of accelerating downloading speed. in order that you’ll build sure that you simply are having most net speed.

1) Use fast DNS servers to increase download speed

DNS plays a significant role in maintaining your net downloading speed. So, to extend transfer speed, you want to use quick DNS server. In past, Google DNS was thought-about to be quickest, however, thanks to serious load on its servers currently, Google DNS is not any a lot of use in increasing your net speed.

Method to increase download speed by Google fast DNS:

Here, we’ll use DNS Benchmark by GRC that I believe provides quickest DNS. So, if you’re thinking that the other DNS supplier quicker DNS than this one than you’ll be able to provide a strive that DNS too.

  • First of all, Download DNS Benchmark by GRC.
  • Just, open this file.
  • First of all, Click on Run Benchmark
  • Wait 10-20 min so that this test gets completed.
  • you can see many DNS servers with some bars in front of DNS servers.
  • comes the tricky part, Select any two DNS servers with smallest bars.
  • Follow this path

Open Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Centre> Click on Adapter Settings.

So, it absolutely was the 1st methodology to extend transfer speed by dynamic DNS server.

2) Use high-speed Wifi Router or Modem  & increase download speed:

This trick is one best thanks to increasing transfer speed. Let ME share you my expertise regarding transfer speed. One year agone, I used to be mistreatment electronic device of seven.2 Mbps, however recently I switched to twenty-one.1 Mbps one and Guess What? I got an unexpected boost in speed of my net affiliation. Its speed magnified by 2 hundredths in no time with none applying any extra tweak. So, if you would like high transfer speed to certify you’ve got a strong high-speed electronic device.

3) Remove any virus from your PC :

This methodology conjointly works most of the days. As typically several trojans or malware gets put in in your laptop that chucks up transfer speed in the background. This malware does not solely eat up web speed, however, performance and battery life moreover. So, do an endemic scan. We have a tendency to suggest fast Heal Total security because it repairs all files that are infected by the virus rather than removing them.

4) Try turning off your updates & increase download speed:

This methodology works virtually really. Though, we have a tendency to don’t suggest you show off Windows updates and third party program updates however a minimum of you’ll stop them from running in the background once you are downloading any file. This methodology can boost the battery life of your laptop computer additionally.

5) Use IDM to boost your download speed by 1000%

You must use IDM to transfer your favorite files. IDM has several options like Pause and Resume support for files. IDM sometimes splits your files and transfer them parallel which supplies a lift in transfer speed. Though, IDM is paid package however you’ll use thirty days trial of it. If you are doing not need to shop for further transfer Manager, Then you’ll use alternate transfer managers like Free transfer Manager (FDM) etc. These transfer managers don’t seem to be effective as IDM, however, they’ll sure improve your downloading speed.


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