How To Increase Battery Performance In Your Android

Increase Battery Performance

Increase Battery Performance: Do you like many smartphone users who are disappointed with Android’s short battery life? I can not blame you for your frustration seriously, but I believe that when I say that I will help you overcome this disappointment. I will share the battery performance with the secrets of improving on your Android. When you are using your smartphone, you should be better off to avoid worry. As I as of now have talked about Hidden Android Tricks in Lollipop, JellyBean and KitKat renditions, here I am giving you numerous courses for enhancing battery execution in your Android. The good news for you is that these modes are very simple.

How To Increase Battery Performance In Your Android?

1.Reduce the level of brightness

I think this is the most common way to Increase battery performance in your Android. As soon as you keep increasing the brightness of your screen, your Android screen starts sucking more batteries to brighten up. The solution to saving this battery life is to reduce the brightness to 50% or less. Do not leave your screen brightness up to 100%. It is neither useful for your eyes nor for your Android. Or on the other hand, you can pick ‘Versatile Brightness’ alternative accessible in Android, to mechanize the splendor alterations for you.

 2. You don’t need all the widgets

Gadgets are awesome on the grounds that they empower us to see all the data by only one look on the foundation. Did you additionally realize that gadgets are even awesome in devouring battery? It’s time to say goodbye to your unused widgets. Do you use a weather widget which updates itself after every minute, even when you do not even need to know about atmospheric conditions? If so, remove it, it is not doing good for you. There may be several widgets running in the background that are not available for any use. Clean them all and you can experience Increase battery performance.

3. Turn off the Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and WiFi

We all know that we do not need Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and WiFi all the time. And when we know that we are not using it, then what is the logic behind maintaining it? The answer is that there are no such reasons/arguments. You will not get anything from keeping them, but I can definitely say that you will lose lots of batteries to work them. To Increase battery performance in your Android, just turn them off.

4. Ever heard about Clean Master?

I know that many junk apps are available on Google Play that claims to promote battery life but does nothing. However, I am suggesting that you go for this app – clean master Do you know the reason? That’s because I have used it and I have seen the result. Clean Master really Increase battery life in your Android. You can see all running apps from your Android device in Clean Master. Once you see it, the only thing you need to do is ‘kill’ or ‘stop’ app that you are not using.

5. Update all your apps

Do you know what an updated version of the app is? That means they are giving you a better version of the app and when you are getting better things, you should catch it quickly. The updated apps will save the memory in your device and in addition, it will also Increase battery life in your Android. So, keep updating your device’s apps once in a while. And of course, in some cases, updates also ruin the display. However, developers will recognize it soon and give you a new update as soon as possible. So, this should not be a problem.


I’ve given you the five simplest ways to improve battery life in your Android. You do not have to look for any other methods because the methods I have provided are enough to improve the battery level in your Android. Try the above methods and tell me if you see any improvement in the battery life of your Android device.

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