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How to root android phone without computer

Today I will talk about a very important and popular feature of Android. That’s how to root how to root android phone without a computer.

How to root android phone

The current root requirements have increased very much. With the help of the root you can improve your phone to better. Root access permits users to make all kinds of customization on the phone. But there are many bad points to it. If you root your phone, you will lose your phone warranty forever. Moreover, due to the root of your phone’s performance decreases. Even your phone is likely to die. But considering all aspects, the number of good ones is higher. Today I will discuss two ways to root. For those using a computer, another does not have a computer. Two methods are very easy. Let’s take a look at the methods without increasing the talk. Recently, we also shared How to create android apps for beginners

How to root android phone without computer

1) Go to your phone’s Google Play Store first.

2. Then type KingoRoot and hit the search button.

3) Download and open the app.

4) Open the app and click on “One Click Root” option.

5) Now KingRoot will scan your phone with some time, whether your phone supports the Root or not.

6) Then the results will show if successful, then your Root is complete and if you see Unsuccessful then think your phone does not support the Root.

How to root android phone without computer

This way you can easily root your phone. However, if there is a problem then you can report it through our comments.

How to root android phone with computer

If you have a computer, I would suggest to root it to the computer because it is safe and in this way you will be able to root up to the latest version 7.0 mashmile.

1) First, download the KingoRoot software PC version.

2) Turn on the software.

3) Now, from the settings of the mobile on the Developer options, enable Enable USB Debugging.

4) Then connect your mobile phone to the computer via USB cable.

5) Once connected, it will automatically download and install the driver. Of course, your computer must be connected to the Internet.

6) After the driver is installed, disconnect the mobile from the computer and re-add it.

7) Finally, wait 2-3 minutes by clicking on the root button and complete your root.

8) Now click on the Finish button.

How to root android phone with computer

If you still can not do so, then comment below. Trying to solve your problem, today’s post will be coming back with a new post too soon, stay well, keep everyone well.
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