How to Increase RAM in Android Mobile on 2018

How to Increase RAM in Android Mobile on 2018

Increase RAM in Android Mobile: So guys, nowadays we tend to ar sharing operating ways to extend ram in automaton mobile. With the rise in the range of automation apps, a necessity of a lot of RAM is vital pastime is passing. a number of apps like traveler while not that one guy cannot live, however, the most drawback is scarceness of RAM. SO, If you’re facing low quantity of RAM drawback in your automaton mobile than you’re at a correct post. we tend to are sharing the way to increase ram in automaton mobile.

So, if you’re thinking to modify to new golem mobile for low quantity of RAM issue. Then there’s no have to be compelled to do the switch. As this technique to extend the quantity of RAM can work on all golem devices.

Increase RAM in Android mobile:

Below, we have a tendency to area unit listing a number of the best technique to extend the quantity of ram in your humanoid mobile. Follow steps fastidiously, as this technique will brick your device furthermore.

Method 1 to increase RAM in Android mobile

This methodology uses Swapper for Root to increase RAM in the golem. Follow the steps carefully:

  • First of all, you wish a root golem mobile. Follow this guide to root golem phone while not laptop.
  • So, in next steps, I’m assumptive that you just have with success nonmoving your golem mobile.
  • Now, Install and Open Swapper for Root.
  • After, you’ll open Swapper. it’ll raise you for swap size.
  • It will raise you for disc space Dimension.
  • Enter the quantity of RAM you would like to extend and click on Save.

So, How to check whether RAM is increased or not?

To check the quantity of RAM swapped otherwise you will notify check quantity of RAM magnified, you would like AN app called Terminal human. Now, follow the below steps:

  • Open Terminal human.
  • Type free.

Method 2 to increase RAM in Android phone

This methodology to extend the ram of robot mobile needs the app called Roehsoft RAM Expander. Note that this app could be a paid app that you’ve got to shop for fir federal agency 273. So, offer this app a strive providing Swapper for the robot isn’t operating for you.


  • Just Click on Activate Swap.
  • It will produce a disc space in your internal memory or memory card(depends upon the path of SWAP file).
  • Now, Click on the choice to activate SWAP and you’re done.

Some tips to optimize a free amount of RAM in your android phone

Above, we’ve got shared best strategies to extend ram in the humanoid. Now, if higher than technique don’t work for you then provide these strategies an attempt to increase a quantity of free RAM in humanoid mobile.

Tips to extend the quantity of free RAM:
This technique is one among best technique to extend the quantity of free ram in your humanoid mobile while not maturation it. The pre-installed crap apps referred to as Bloatware takes up tons of mobile area. you’ll be able to disable these apps to extend the quantity of free area in RAM.

  1. Disable useless apps in your humanoid mobile:
    How to disable Bloatware in humanoid mobile:
    Go to Application Manager.
    Click on any useless app.
    Click on Disable or Uninstall.
  2. Use Greenify: You can use Greenify to extend the quantity of free RAM in your humanoid mobile. Basically, this humanoid app place apps into hibernation and stop these apps from running into background into RAM of your humanoid mobile. you’ll be able to transfer Greenify app from Play Store without charge.
  3. victimization RAM Killer apps: You can use RAM Killer apps to extend the quantity of free ram. Though, this technique isn’t recommended to use because it will cause some issues additionally like Low battery backup etc. however If you’re endlessly facing the downside of the low quantity of ram than you’ll be able to clear your ram once or double on a daily basis.¬†Increase RAM in Android Mobile

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