How to Delete Clash of Clans Account Permanently 2018

Delete Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans is not just an online multiplayer game, developed and published by a supercell for ISO and Android devices. It became one of the top earning apps in the App Store and Google Play in 2015.

Strategy games with primary support to attack other villages and to earn a maximum trophy from defense attacks on their base.

The more trophies you have earned will be placed in the higher ranks in your league. And the higher the trophy will take you to the higher league.

To reach there, you have to upgrade your village, building, army troops, and townhall. Which takes time, but enjoy playing the Clans of Clauses.

Most coc players become accustomed to playing it, and this makes your productive lifetime worthless to you.

Games developed by the same developer of High Day, a popular farming game, sync the entire game played by the user in their servers in real time.

Why Did Someone People want To Delete Clash Of Clans Account?

Once you start the game, then it is a kind of endless situation you are going to go, but playing COC is not complicated unless you are playing it properly by upgrading all at the right time.

So, once you make a mistake, then it can not be undone and eventually, the whole game becomes frustrating! The only thing that comes to your mind will remove the app from your device/smartphone.

If you are a person who has removed the COC or Clash of Clauses once, and you still have the tendency to get the app back and continue to play because it will be saved in your Google Account as I mentioned earlier.

But still, if you want to get out of COC addiction, you can remove the conflict of the synchronized Klan game account in your Google Account.

There are a few common reasons to remove your linked account:

  1. COC want to get out of addiction.
  2. Not interested in playing games anymore.
  3. Want to start again from the beginning.
  4. Money lost or struggled to get the shield
  5. Out of resources of farming and survival becomes difficult.
  6. The resources you need to buy are sold at very high prices.
  7. Incorrectly upgraded/have not upgraded your troops yet, but your town hall is at a high level.

How To Delete Clash Of Clans Account Data?

Since the struggle for conflict supports two different OS, i.e. The removal process from both iOS and Android devices is very different for both. If you are an Android device user, then it is much easier than the iPhone.

How to Remove Clan Data Conflicts in iOS?

Apple iPhone or iPad has integrated with its own game center, in which all game progress will be automatically stored in their cloud space.

The game synced with the game center will be forever, and once you uninstall the game and restore it, the old game will only be reloaded.

There is no way to remove the whole COC game from the iPhone to get rid of the game synced in the game center. But you want to follow the instructions given below to do this in one or the other method.

Method 1: Set Up A New Game Center

Since it is said that it isn’t conceivable to expel your spared COC account from Game Center, You’ll have to make another diversion focus represent it.

To sign in to your new amusement focus, to start with, you have to log out from the present record.

  1. Go to Settings app
  2. Scroll down and tap on the Game Center
  3. Tap on your Apple ID and select Sign Out

Follow these steps to create your new Game Center account:

  1. First, create a new apple id
  2. Then fill out all the information and verify your account, go back to your iPhone
  3. Open the Settings app and come to your Game Center page
  4. Sign in using your new Apple ID and password

Now all this will be a new game center in which the previous class of clans has not been synced.

Method 2: Contact the group support team

In this method, you need to get help from COC developers, supercell. To reach them, you can use the conflict of your own struggle, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the Cog wheel icon in Spot and Game
  2. With the help and help button, you can ask them to delete your account permanently
  3. They will ask you some confirmation questions back, after which your request will be approved.
  4. This is all, now your Clash of Clans account will be deleted by a supercell.

To see how it is done on Android smartphones.

How to Remove Clan Data Conflicts in Android?

Method 1:

Step 1: First of all, you need to uninstall the COC app from your device. Or you can do this later after deleting/unlinking from your Google Account.

To uninstall the clash of clans, go to your device settings, select App Settings from the menu, then find the COC and choose to uninstall it.

You can do the same straight from your app menu.

Step 2: Clash of the Clans app is no longer present on your device, but it will still be linked to your Google Play account. To delete the game account altogether, go to Google Account Settings.

Step 3: Sign in to your Google Account with the same email ID that you used for the Clash of Clans.

Step 4: Visit the Connected apps and site under the Sign-In and Security category from the MyAccounts page.

The Connected apps and sites page will show all apps and sites associated with all your Google apps, including Clash of Clans.

More Step 5: Find clues to clans from apps linked from your account page.

Apps Connected

More Step 6: After selecting the conflict of Klan app, you will be shown with the Remove button and more details of the account.


Step 7: Click the Removal button on the left side, you will be shown a POP-UP “Are you sure you want to delete access?”

If you are certain that you want to delete your group of struggles with your Google Account, then press OK button.


saw !! You have now successfully unlinked your Clash of Clans account from your Google Play account.

Method 2:

Another way is available for Android users by contacting supercell support.

First, go to the settings panel by selecting the Cog wheel icon from the game UI.

Then press the Help and Support button, where you can ask them to support your Google Account to unlink from the Clash of Clans.

Some other ways to overcome conflict of group account

I can understand that you are very disappointed and do not want to continue playing with the struggle of struggle.

Apart from the above methods, you can try the following trick to stay away from the Clash of Clans Games!

  • If the account associated with the Clash of Clans is not so important, then sign out of Google Play or Game Center account and change the password to a complex so that you can not remember.
  • However, if the linked account is the most important, then you can create a new conflict of clan accounts on any other device and link it to the old account so that it overwrites your old and you will lose all the progress.
  • Factory reset phone options will also help, but you will lose everything on your phone!
  • You can also try account restrictions
  1. Use offensive words or tell that you want to sell your account in a global account
  2. Copy the base network of your opponents and install Xmod and paste it
  • Stay inactive for a long time, so that you can be kicked by the team. Leave the clan!

Delete Clash of ClansDelete Clash of ClansDelete Clash of ClansDelete Clash of Clans

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