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How to choose the best domain name for seo

Everyone wants a good domain name for his blog, So today I will teach you how to choose the best domain name for your blog.

This post is for those who are totally new to blogging or who are thinking of blogging. If you want to start your blogging career on the Blogspot then you first need a domain name. If you want to earn money by blogging, then you must take a domain name. At present, without the domain name, Google Adsense does not approve. And if you want to blogging in WordPress then you need a good hosting. And how you can buy a good quality hosting, the following link is discussed. But this post will be discussed only on a domain. A good quality domain helps you get a Google rank in your post. Below is a discussion on how to choose the best domain name. May I Also Share What is Web Hosting? – Web Hosting Beginner’s Guide

choose the best domain name

What is the domain?

A domain is the name of a website. For example,, here www = World Wide Web and a domain name are

A little easier to understand. Think, you want to start a business again. The first thing you would do is choose a proper and beautiful name for this business. And a trade license for that name. Now you can use this name for your business

Just need to choose a name for your business online. This name will bear the identity of your business. And this name is the domain.

First commercial domain

First commercial domain name is It was first commercially used on 15th March 1985 for Cambridge’s computer firm Symblicics for their website.

Domain structure


Domain name length must be between 63 characters.

Authorized Characters:

  • Alphabetical letters, a to z, lowercase letters.
  • Number of characters between 0 and 9
  • Hyphen (-) can be used but the domain name must start and end with an alphanumeric character. A hyphen is not allowed at first and last position.

Generally, the domain has more than one part. One name is another extension. For example, here is www host’s name, simpletrick is domain name and .com domain extension. Various types of extensions are available according to the type of website. Such as:

  • .com is generally used for company websites.
  • .net is used for one or more networks.
  • .org is used for any organization/organization’s website.
  • .info used for personal or informative websites.
  • .me is usually used for portfolio websites.
  • There are also many more extensions.

Domain type

Considering aspects of the domain, there are different types of domain. Such as TLD, gTLD, SLD, ccTLD etc.


Country Code Top Level Domain, the last part of this domain name adds two letters of its country name. Such as Bangladesh .bd, India .in, America .us, Pakistan’s .pk, United Kingdom .uk,


Top Level Domain, the highest level domain category on the Internet domain system. We see more of these types of domains. Top Level Domain is .info .com, .org, .net, .me, etc.


Second level domain, a domain name that comes before dot (.) For example, here SLD is simpletrick.


Generic TOP Level Domains The domain of a top level is class but which is not associated with any country. Such as: .com, .net, .org etc.

How to choose the best domain name

1. Priority to .com Extension Domain

There are several types of extension for domain registration. Initially people were familiar with the .com, .net, .org domain name but with the change of time different extensions came. Now, if you want to name the specification, you can take Extension. Such as .pizza, .photographt, .travel, .ninja etc. But as an online blogger I always suggest .com domain extension to use.

2. Choose easy to type Name

Try to choose a name that is easy for all time. Such as,,,,

Notice the top domain names. Sites can be easily typed and each site is easy to understand. To avoid always unnecessary words in the domain name selection.

3. Choose a simple and short name

Always choose a simple name. The name will be as easy and small as it will be good for your user. I would suggest having a maximum of 8-10 characters in the domain name.

4. Do not take domain with a keyword

We all research keywords before creating the website. In this case, we often put the main keyword in the domain, which is called EMD (Exact Match Domain).  This can give you Google Penalties if your site content is of low quality. For example: if you are going to do an e-commerce site, you have taken a domain name for keyword related. Such as,

But there are some disagreements here. Because we still see that in some cases EMD is preferred if your content is of better quality.

5. Find out more about domains

Before registering a domain name, make sure that your selected name is trademarked, copyrighted, or used by another company. Because otherwise, you may face major legal complications.

For example, you can not use Google, Facebook, in this type of domain. Because they are trademarks and their names copyrighted. So before registering a domain name, please check these issues.

6. Ensure own branding

To protect your brand, you can always purchase the remaining extensions of your domain name. In this case, you can buy at least TLD – Top Level Domain. This will help keep you ahead of others.

7. Quickly Buying a domain

Domain names are sold very quickly. And we do this mistake most of the time. Remember, a good domain name will not always wait for you. So, please register your favorite domain name as soon as possible.

These sites will help you find the right domain name.

How to buy domain-hosting?

You can buy your preferred domain name through credit card or debit card.

If there are any configurations, then please give a comment. Do not forget to share. take care. Goodbye

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Md Robiul Islam

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