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How to buy an expired domain name

Today I will teach you how to buy an expired domain name. And how fast you can rank your website on Google’s fast page.

This post is for you who have been blogging for a long time but can not rank your blog or who are thinking of blogging. Creating a blog is not a very difficult task at present, but it is a very difficult task to rank that blog on Google’s fast page. To rank your new blog site on Google, you need a lot of backlinks. And this will cost you a lot of time and money to backlink. But today I’ll teach you how to buy an expired domain and easily rank your website on Google Fast page.  If you buy an expired domain, your website visitors can easily increase. So let’s see how your website visitors increasing by buy an expired domain name. may I also share How to choose the best domain name for seo

How to Buy an expired domain name

Why buy an expired domain?

Everyone wants to rank their website on Google’s fast page but not everyone can do it. The only reason behind this is that any other website you already have is ranked on Google’s Fast page. In such a situation, Google will not rank your website. For this to rank your website in Google, you have to choose a domain that is already ranked in Google. There are many websites online that are already in Google’s rank but for any reason, the owner of the website forgets to renew their domain name.

For example, presently a first-class blogger in India is Harsh Agrawal. His website is He has nearly 2 million backlinks on his website and all his posts are banking on Google. But if you can buy your domain name in any way, then all your posts will be ranked on Google. But finding a domain name is not very easy. So today I will learn how to find an expired domain and buy an expired domain.

How to find an expired domain

Before purchasing a good quality expired domain, it is hard to find that domain, but today I will teach how to find a good quality expired domain and buy an expired domain. There are many sites online that allow you to buy an expired domain, but most of them are paid. But today I will show you how to find an expired domain for free.

Find an expired domain below:

1. First, you need to go to this site and the site must register for the best results.

buy an expired domain

2. Then you will receive a verification email. You will be required to log in if mail is verified.

expired domain Log in

3. Click on the Deleted Domains button, from which there are many buttons above. Now see the millions of domains coming down here.

expired domain

4. To find the domain name like your mind, search the domain name as your mind in the search box on the right. You will see thousands of domain names coming below.

search expired domain

5. Click the Show Filter button to get a good quality result. Come to see the following.

expired domain show filter

6. Click the Show Filter button and go to the Common option. Now check the options below to get your domain name. For example: From Domain Lists to Deleted Domains, from Domain Name Settings to No Numbers, from Dictionary Word Domains to English, from Listing Settings only check latest last 24 hours and only available domains. Now click Apply Filter. Now the number of domains will be reduced.

expired domain common filter

7. Go to the Additional options to get a domain extension like your mind and choose the extension you like. Eg: .net, .com, .org etc.



8. If you want to quickly rank the website, then go to Majestic and make some settings. Trust Ratio should be given at least 0.3 and highest 1.7. Domain Pop is the lowest 10. Trust Flow is the lowest at 15. Now click apply filter button.  see the domain name is too low.

expird domain Majestic chacker

9. Now the domain that has backlink, DA, PA, select the domain most. To check DA, PA, go to the link below.

expired domain banklink

10. Now check your domain for Google to see if there are any problems. If there is a problem then that domain will not be indexed in Google. And if the domain is in Google index, then there is no problem in your domain. To check the Google index, enter the search box (site: + your website name). Eg:

google index chacker

By following the above tips you can choose a good domain name for your website.

How to buy an expired domain name

Buying a domain name is very easy. To buy an expired domain, you must have a MasterCard, Visa card, Payoneer card, debit card, credit card. Follow the below options to buy an expired domain.

1. Click on the domain name to purchase a domain like your mind. Now there are many options available. From there select one of the companies that you like. Now you can purchase your expired domain name from the company you choose.

Buy an expired domain name

2. You can check the price list for each company to purchase your expired domain name at a lower price.

check domain price

3. Confirm your order when your preferred company is selected. And purchase your expired domain with MasterCard.

confirm order

This way you can purchase your preferred expired domain.


If you rank your blog very quickly, you must buy an expired domain. But if you want to rank your blog quickly Google, then your expired domain will be perfect. If your domain is not perfect, no matter how old your domain is, your website will not rank in Google. So it can be said that a perfect expired domain name helps you rank your website in Google. So please think about buying an expired domain.

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