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10 ways to boost your WiFi signal at home

boost your WiFi signal – It may be difficult to find people who do not use WiFi if there is an internet line or broadband at home.

You enjoy the Internet connection on a PC or laptop with a broadband line. With WiFi Router you can enjoy WiFi Internet on your internet device with Wifi internet line. And today I’m here to talk to you about how to boost the signal of the WiFi.

10 ways to boost your WiFi signal at home

Generally and mostly the WiFi signal depends entirely on the power of the WiFi router. When purchasing a WiFi router, you will see the signal strength and speed type, and due to this type of router, the price is different. So we can say that by not buying a new router we can not really boost the WiFi signal. But in today’s post, I will show you how to use your WiFi router’s maximum signals. I hope I can explain to you the subject of today’s post.

We usually buy all the WiFi router with a price of two thousand or more. They say Chinese router! Only the names of the brands are different. Originally branded WiFi router is much more expensive. So the speed and signal power given to these Chinese router packets are also Chinese! That is not true!. The speed of the packet is written to speed up to 150Mbps. But there is currently no internet connection of more than 12Mbps in Bangladesh. So we can not scale the router speed. Speed will be available according to router prices. So there is no need to tension the router speed right now. The issue that we are tensioning about is the router’s signals.

Set the WiFi router with the PC in the drawing room of the house But then Go to the toilet and see that the signal drops. And when the exit of the house gate, the signal drops below 10%. Or hold on a cyber-café signal! 100 yards out of the store, the signal drops!.

So all router is not the same!. Take the name of Gopalganj city. Talking about Gopalganj district. So Gopalganj DC office has a WiFi Internet. wifi signal Gopalganj much away from the DC office
Up to the bus station the DC Office WiFi net signal is available. I’m surprised to see!.

These are the original and high priced WiFi router or WiFi station! But keep these things. We moved to the WiFi router in our house again. So if our house is smaller than medium, then there should be no problem with our signal on these normal routers. But for those of us who are in the big house, distance is a problem in the router’s signals. But if there is more room in the small house also, you will see problems in the WiFi signal or find perplexity in performance. Those who live in densely populated areas, such as a 10-storey building, if everyone uses WiFi, then everyone in the building will get problems with WiFi signal.

You can check the users of your network. If a WiFi user is high then it will also have an impact on the signal. So it is better to prevent unnecessary devices from using your WiFi at the same time!.

So do not talk more, let me show you how to boost or optimize your WiFi router signal:

boost your WiFi signal

1) Upgrade the router firmware & boost your WiFi signal

Upgrade the router firmware

Every modern electronic device is divided into two categories. One is the hardware and the other is the software! we know it. WiFi router is no exception. We can not do much for the hardware But the software is controlled by us. Your WiFi Router signal may be less or a problem because your router’s firmware is outdated or backed up!. Router manufactures routinely update their router software updates, where there are various bug fixes and performance enhancements. So you can first give up your WiFi router’s firmware upgrade.

Your router’s firmware upgrade processing depends on how easy it is or how difficult it is to router your device’s manufacturing and model. Most of these Chinese router upgrades have no chance. Because they make them cost-effective for one-time use only. And you will see the option of firmware upgrade of router in the current router’s admin page of the original brand. And in old-fashioned routers, you can manually upgrade the router model by downloading the Foamorad upgrade and then updating it. So you can check your router regularly update for better performance with Router’s Signal Boost.

2) Optimize Router Placement & boost your WiFi signal!

Optimize Router Placement!

Place your router in such a place that you get the same signal from everywhere.

3) Set the Frequency Setting & boost your WiFi signal!

Set the Frequency Setting!

You can adjust the router software with the frequency of your router, for better signals. Frequency optimization can result in better results if your router performs this task. If your router is a dual-band router, you can switch it to the 5GHz band settings on the admin page at a 2.4GHz band. Because 5 GHz Frequency Devices are rarely seen, and due to this you will not have your router’s signal cross-cache with other device signals and you can get a good signal as a result.

4) Change the channel & boost your WiFi signal!

Change the channel

Modern router is also multi-channel. So, router keeps switching between different channels for data or data sharing on your device. But if your neighbor’s home router is also on the same channel, you and your neighbors will get problems with the signal. Windows Command Promote netsh wlan show all command lets you see the channels of your and your neighbors’ networks. Generally, house router uses channel 6 and channel 11. When you find out which channel you and yourself are using, you can change your router’s channel from your router’s admin page.

5) Quality Control & boost your WiFi signal!

Quality Control!

Almost all modern routers come with Quality-of-Service (QoS) tools. This allows you to determine the bandwidth of almost all apps you can use. These tools will be useful for you if you use a lot of video stream or Voice over IP (VoIP). For example, Skype is in an urgent video call, but your younger brother is downloading it via WiFi on mobile. With this tool of this router you can determine which router software will give a higher priority. Especially when you have a router for everyone in the same office, you can do this thing as an admin. You can find QoS setting in your router admin page within the network’s administration’s advanced settings.

6) Old is not always Gold!

Old is not always Gold!

By the proper use of the 5 tips I have brought to you, you can understand the difference between your router’s signal.  But if you have used the old Router for the period, you can not see any difference, no matter what you do. Because at the beginning of this post, I have said that the router’s sign depends primarily on the router’s hardware. We have a tendency to not change the device if we do not have a damages. As old as, say the mobile phone, call the monitor or the PC, why not? If we do not get damaged we do not buy any new devices. But we can not always get the best performance from the old things.

We should not use a new device even if not lost. Especially in the office court, we must use up-to-date devices. The old router’s speed, bandwidth, weight, antenna, everything is old-fashioned. The net line you are using in this case has been upgraded to your router. Most of the net lines of Bangladesh are now being used in fiber optics. For this high-speed fiber optic cable you will need a newer model router.

7) Replace the antenna & boost your WiFi signal!

Replace the antenna

If your router has internal antenna, then you can apply one or two external entities to Performance Boost. However, this method applies to the expensive router of the origional brand!. Because the Chinese router’s antenna you will not find in the market. And if you get two thousand router in this antenna replacement you will not want to go!

8) Use the Wireless Range Extender & boost your WiFi signal!

Use the Wireless Range Extender

You can use this Wireless Range Extender when the size of the office room or office size is bigger. This allows you to dramatically increase signal ranks in your router. This device can also be called Wireless Range Extender, Wireless Repeater, Wi-Fi Expander.

9) High-quality WiFi system & boost your WiFi signal!

High-quality WiFi system!

You can get roughly half the Range of Router’s original signal using the Range Extender. But if you really need to cover a lot of places, then you have to eliminate the dependency on these router extensions. And you have to make a Mesh-based Wi-Fi system by spending money. Or you can buy a medium size WiFi system for home.

Wifi systems send signals in every corner of the house as well as the wifi systems of the router, and you get a continuous signal quality. Each wall of the house has satellite modules that are connected directly to your main router and all of them are connected to a single wireless network. The size of the house or the office will be as large or as many rooms as you need, the number of nodes you need and the amount of your expenditure will increase as well. This is the main problem of this method!

10) analyze the router’s nuances & boost your WiFi signal!

analyze the router's nuances!

Leading riders such as Linksys, Netgear, TrendNET, TP-Link routers are all managed by the DD-WRT router operating system. Or if your router is not from this operating system, you can easily download DD-WRT from the internet and install it in your router’s firmware. Through this operating system, you can do various network tweaking. And by using them properly you can increase performance and ranges.


So this was the router’s WiFi signal increase of 10 Jose and the excellent method. Hope you enjoyed these methods. And once the trials can be done with trials, we can share the results with tumand with us. Today it is here to stay. Tomorrow I will be with your favorite simple trick. Thanks for reading the post!

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