How To Block Spam Messages In Android or iPhone

How To Block Spam Messages In Android or iPhone

How To Block Spam Messages In Android or iPhone

Block Spam Messages: So, guys, we tend to Dreamy Tricks is back with one in all irritating downside in dailies of Associate in Nursing guy WHO owns a golem mobile or iPhone. there’s noticeable increment in the range of spammers recently yet 😉 thus guys, if you’re altogether irritated with spam SMS, then this guide is for you. Recently, we’ve received the on of requests to post a orientate block spam messages in golem phone and iPhone. If you’re searching for a golem spam filter app, then you’re at right place. As we’ll observe best golem spam blocker app for golem and iPhone. So, you’re altogether tired with spam messages and searched on Google with question spam on my golem & you landed here.

Right? Don’t worry as we’ll discuss regarding golem spam message settings, golem email spam filter during this post. Recently, we tend to had additionally shared email spam blocker for golem, you’ll check it out exploitation search bar. golem Spam text is one in all major downside currently a day that is inflicting headaches. So, below we tend to Dreamy Tricks can share regarding the way to block spam messages in the golem.

With a rise in the range of spammers, a range of applications to filter such apps also are increasing day by day yet. So, if you’re confused that the way to block spam messages in golem & iPhone. In these spam messages, there area unit malware links, links which may cause several problems like information larceny etc. there’s no methodology to prevent such messages however you’ll block them simply exploitation some apps that area unit about to list below. So, let’s discuss deeply regarding spam messages, what truly there and the way you’ll block them.


What are spam messages?

Spam Messages will contain the following things:

  1. Spam Links: Links like win five hundred rs otherwise you area unit lucky winner.
  2. Contains any quite advertising.
  3. Messages soliciting for MasterCard details etc.

So, you’ll be able to perceive however risky may be such spam messages, thus we tend to Dreamy tricks have determined to jot down a post on the way to block spam messages in humanoid and iPhone.

How to block Spam Messages in Android & iPhone:

Block spam messages in Android

So, initial of all we have a tendency to area unit discussing the way to block spam messages in the humanoid. So, follow below steps to dam spam messages if you’re the humanoid user.

Method 1) Block spam messages on humanoid mobiles:

There is a well-liked app by the massive G that is understood as stamping ground, that you’ll be able to install to dam spam message in a humanoid. So, Follow below steps:

  1. First of install Hangouts from Play Store. (Download stamping ground from below link). Download
  2. Once, you have got downloaded and put in this app with success, your messages are going to be with success foreign into the app.
  3. Now, merely open any message that you think that is spammy and you wish to dam.
  4. Click on 3 dots, then Click on choice.
  5. Click on block choice, and once a popup can come back and click on the block once more.

Done! So, it had been all regarding however you’ll be able to interference SMS in automaton mobile.

Method 2) Block spam messages on Android phones

We square measure to change this post to feature an added methodology to dam spam messages in humanoid mobile. during this methodology, we are going to use a brand new app that is popularly called TEXT BLOCKER, hope you may like this methodology if on top of the methodology isn’t operating for you (due to any reasonable reason).

  1. First of all, transfer Text Blocker app from below transfer button. Download
  2. Once, you have got with success put in Text Blocker app. Open it.
  3. Now, scroll at finish currently. Click back button.
  4. All spam messages square measure blocked with success in your humanoid mobile currently.

So, on top of we’ve got shared however you’ll block spam messages in humanoid mobile. Now, we are going to discuss concerning however you’ll block spam messages in iPhone.

Block spam messages in iPhone

block spam SMS in iPhone:

iPhone has its pre-installed feature of interference spam SMS, there’s no want of third-party app to dam spam SMS. Follow below methodology to dam spam SMS in iPhone:

  1. 1st Visit Contact button.
  2. Now, faucet on contact button until there’s Associate in Nursing I button.
  3. Click thereon button currently.
  4. Simply, scroll and click on contact of the sender and click on Block this range.

Alternatively, you’ll contact client care to activate DND service for you. you’ll block spam messages on your golem mobile and iPhone with ease by contacting client Care of your SIM Card supplier.

So, you have got with success blocked spam message on iPhone. Now, such spam messages square measure for good blocked from your iPhone and golem mobile. you’ll ne’er receive any spam message from mobile range that you have got blocked.

So, I hope its clear to you ways you’ll block spam message in iPhone and golem mobile simply. So, if have with success blocked spam message in iPhone and golem, then don’t forget to share it along with your friends. If you having any drawback during this guide a way to block spam messages in golem and iPhone, then be happy to comment below.

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