Top 10 Best Free TV Apps For Android Mobile 2018

Top 10 Best Free TV Apps For Android Mobile 2018

Best Free TV Apps – There was a time when we were still uncertain about cutting the chord. But today, we are the way behind the “cable TV vs. video-on-demand” wrangle. Regardless of our pros and cons, we know that online streaming services still have an edge over cable TV services. I’m not going to repeat all the benefits here but basically, with the former, you do not need a TV set! This means that you will not have to pay money for getting the supplements. Plus, you can catch up on your favorite movies and TV shows when you please and where else.

And with many new Android devices flooding almost every other month in the smartphone market, the experience is just getting better. These phones meet all the budgets so that anyone can access the material at the quality. You can be on long-lasting flights, there is nothing to do, your client has to show, or your date does not increase over time, that a device can help kill time without investing.

There is a piece of TV app in the Google Play Store. So if you are new to the world of video streaming then it can be a little confused. Therefore, we have come up with a list of all the free, quality TV apps that you can download using the provided link. Just look:

Best Free TV Apps For Android

1. Best Free TV Apps for YouTube

You may know about YouTube as a universally well known video-sharing stage. In any case, what you may not know about is that it likewise has a few channels with quality, if not premium, TV content. A portion of the significant arrangement on YouTube incorporate “Shaky”, “Jungletown”, “. The Real Story – Apollo 13”, “The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo”, “Neurotica”, and “City Girl”. You can likewise discover numerous fascinating documentaries and full-length highlight films on channels like Journeyman Pictures, Documentary Tube, Timeline, Maverick Entertainment, and the Paramount Vault. The main drawback of YouTube is that the substance is advertisement intruded. In any case, if that is a major issue for you, you can simply move up to YouTube Red, evaluated at $9.00/mo. Download

2. Best Free TV Apps for Viki

Wiki is a very well-built on-demand streaming app that mainly offers Asian TV dramas and films from various Asian countries, including Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, with subtitles in more than 200 languages. Some popular titles on the app include Secret Garden, Love Me, if you include Dear, Pinocchio and Dr. Stranger. Wiki is a well-loved app that separates itself from the streaming giants like Netflix, in which it focuses on community-oriented and supports the “lean-forward” approach. Users can not only interact with each other but by contributing the subtitles, the programming can also enhance the viewing experience in this process. This service is one of the most innovative streaming services, claiming an excellent interface. Download

3. Best Free TV Apps for  The NBC App

NBC Universal’s Property NBC, U.S. Is one of the channels to create “Big Three TV Network”. Channel has reality shows, TV series, sports events, talk shows and news specials. Some of the channel’s most famous programs include Got Talent of America, It Is, The Voice, Days of Our Lives and The Blacklist. Although most of the material is available on-demand, some of these Olympic games such as Live can be seen. The app is supported on both iOS and Android devices, as well as Google Chromecast. Sadly, the app still has some small things with slow load time and frequent cold. But if you are a fan of NBC programming or are in the game, you still try this app. Download

4.Best Free TV Apps for ABC

ABC, as you already know, features Talk Show, Syndicated Series, Lifestyle Show, Sports Telecast, and News. If you are a fan of the origin of the modern family, Gray’s Anatomy, The Bachelor, or The Bachelorte, then you will be happy to know that their streaming app is available for downloading “ABC – Live TV and full episode” and free usage Do it. In addition to the on-demand show, you can also stream live content, including programs like Live Morning America, Nightly News, and Oscars. ABC App is supported on iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Aroku. Unlike HBO Go, you do not need an existing cable TV connection for this app. The two main faults we encountered were: A) Many ads, and b) too many bugs. As far as the interface is concerned, there is a lot of room for improvement. Download

5. Best Free TV Apps for Tubi TV

If you prefer to use a legal app that is free at the same time, then tubby TV is worth the shot. The app has more than 7,400 movies and TV series titles with the likes of MGM, Starz and Paramount Pictures. It is currently supported on Android, iOS, Stop, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PS4, Teovo, and Chromecast. Unfortunately, Tubby TV is only available in the U.S. Another disadvantage is that this service is ad-supported. But because it is free to use, ads are not much of concern. Although it can not be the latest big-name feature film, it flashes in cult films, indie films, documentaries, classics, and cartoons. So if he is a cup of tea, then you are definitely going to love this app. Download

6.Best Free TV Apps for TED

Now, this is not just an app for streaming TV series. However, it offers over 3,000 impressive videos from skilled speakers in the areas of education, technology, science, creativity, business etc. If you are a person who appreciates such knowledge and is eager to know more, then Ted is entitled to every part of your meditation. Videos mostly come with subtitles in more than 100 languages. You can listen to radio podcasts, download conversations, bookmark them for later, create your own playlists, or just watch them using Android device, chromecast, Android TV or iOS device Are there. Download

7. Best Free TV Apps for HBO Go

As you might have guessed from the title, HBO Go is an excellent VOD service which is operated by the HBO, a highly loved TV network. This service provides a huge list of HBO’s original shows, movies, sports events and specialty content. You can access it in a wide range of platforms that choose Android, iOS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Smart TV. So far, HBO Go is only available in the U.S. It is absolutely free to download and use. However, there is a catch. You can only enjoy this service if you are an existing customer of cable TV with HBO in your package. If not, you can see HBO Go’s sister service, HBO Now, which is a standalone streaming service and provides the same content on a subscription of $ 15 / mo. Download

8. Best Free TV Apps for  Sony Crackle

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s gushing administration, Crackle, is a free, promotion bolstered, VOD benefit that offers a good estimated library of firsts, for example, The Oath, Snatch, and StartUp, and in addition well known shows and movies created by different organizations like Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Funimation Productions, and Screen Gems. Furthermore, it brags of an army of substance accomplices, for example, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, SnagFilms, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, and Lions Gate Entertainment. The administration is accessible in 21 nations over the globe, in 3 dialects including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Download

9. Best Free TV Apps for Kodi

Past XBMC, Kodi is a forceful prevalent application that basically fills in as an open source programming media focus. This administration is dissimilar to the various applications recorded here. Fundamentally, Kodi is an apparatus that you can use to deal with your current media including TV arrangement, photographs, music, and motion pictures. That implies you can’t download or stream anything from inside the application yet rather, either stack media onto it or stream from an outsider extra, and appreciate staring at the TV appears with no lawful problems. Kodi is perfect crosswise over gadgets including Android, iOS, macOS, PC, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. It is uncommonly intended for individuals who want to stream content on a greater screen (TV/expansive work area) yet it works similarly well on cell phones (Android 5.0+). Additionally? Kodi’s look and feel are totally adaptable.

10. Best Free TV Apps for History

Provides complete episodes and clips of your favorite series from the History App History Channel, a subsidiary of A & E TV Network. If you are unfamiliar, the History Channel contains the contents of such things as military history, crime and investigation, aviation, conspiracy theories, mythological creatures, UFOs, war, and apocalyptic scenarios. Some of the most popular titles on this channel include Vikings, Mountain Main, Ancient Aliens, Ice Road Trucks, Pawn Stars, and X Men. You can stream on-demand episodes or watch them live on platforms such as Android, Rocko and Fire TV. So if you are a history buff or want to find out the above mentioned academic area, then you have to see this app.

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