Top 12 of the Best Cycling Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones

Best Cycling Apps: Both Android and iOS-powered smartphones are revolutionizing the way they are involved in sports activities such as cycling. Apps have been developed to improve your efficiency when you’re on a bike. The best free cycling of Android and iOS apps is 12 out of 12 in any given order.

Best Cycling Apps for Android and iOS

1.Bike Citizens

With a database covering more than 450 European urban areas, Bike Citizens is a cell phone application upheld on both Android and iOS gadgets. You can utilize it as a movement manage or a navigational application as you ride your bicycle. The application will help explore crosswise over spots you are new to.


Lifestyle understands that you need to track your food consumption habits and exercise regularly. The app gives you an opportunity to keep the key in your diet plans and upcoming activities. You can use it to plan for your next ride. Lifesm is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.

3.Bike Gear Calculator

Bike Gear Calculator is a smartphone device that requires cyclists when comparing gear on bicycles. Free Android and the iOS app gives you insights on that speed when you have to cycling when choosing a particular gear. Once you input details about your bike, then you will have access to this information.


Relief is a free cycling app available for both Android and iPhone. It captures the cyclist’s ride data with polar, endomondo, Garmin connect or strava and transforms it into an elegant mobile map. This allows you to upload any ride covering up to 10 km or more than 12 hours.


Strava is the most convenient app (suitable for both iOS and Android devices) that you need to track and record your ride. Since 2009, cyclists from different parts of the world are always using the app to measure metrics like speed and distance. Strava allows you to compare your cycling habits with other people who use the street or path you are using.

6.Bike Computer

The Bike Computer application targets cyclists who need to change their cell phones into GPS PCs. The application is 12% more effective as far as sparing your telephone’s battery. It keeps running on both Android and iOS stages. Bicycle Computer gives you the opportunity to share your rides on Facebook or Strava once you finish them.

7.Google Maps

The Google Maps app for Android and iOS can provide you with a biking route based on your actual location. To access routes, you need to turn on your device’s GPS or location feature. The app also provides cyclists with turn-by-turn navigation instructions.


MapMyRide is a free iOS and Android application for helping you discover elective cycling courses. You can likewise utilize it to plot courses. The application gives you a chance to investigate new zones that you just went to or would love to visit.

9.BBC Weather

BBC Weather The iOS and Android apps can give you hourly and daily weather updates. It helps you monitor weather forecasts before starting your ride. This is the most popular weather forecast smartphone app.

10.Ride With GPS

As its name suggests, riding with GPS is a free Android and iOS app for route planning. It is suitable for cyclists who want to ride long distances. This includes root mapping tools, live tracking tools, and Bluetooth compatibility.

11.Komoot for Best Cycling Apps

Otherwise called, the world’s best course organizer, Komoot can change your cell phone into an unbelievable satellite route instrument with voice charges. You can enter insights about your up and coming ride and the application with design your courses. The Android and iOS Komoot application can likewise give you a few choices for touching base at a specific goal.

12.MyFitnessPal for Best Cycling Apps

If you want to run cycling for physical fitness, then you can use MyFitnessPal to track your training. You can also rely on to determine your next ride. The app is free to download at the App Store and Play Store.

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